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MIXTAPE: Women of early punk and post-punk

March 6, 2010

Now that I’ve (re)acquired a sizable music collection on Itunes, I thought I’d share the wealth by making a proper mixtape (unlike the mixtape I posted earlier). So here we are! I present to you, ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise, a collection of songs by women in punk and post-punk.



1. The Raincoats- Life on the Line

2. Kleenex- Ain’t You

3. Essential Logic- Wake Up

4. Bush Tetras- Too Many Creeps

5. Altered Images- Pinky Blue

6. Malaria!- Your Turn to Run

7. The Slits- Ping Pong Affair

8. Dolly Mixture- Day by Day

9. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- The Closet

10. Marine Girls- 20,000 Leagues

11. Kleenex- Nighttoad

12. Family Fodder- Banana

13. Girls at our Best! – Heaven

14. Delta 5- Anticipation

15. ESG- Dance

16. Mo-Dettes- White Mice

17. Y Pants- Off the Hook

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