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February 20, 2010

I know it seems strange in a way, but for the past couple of months I haven’t really been listening to music. I’ve never really been the kind of person that just puts music on when I’m going about my business (save for hardcore cleaning day) and in my car I almost always listen to OPB. A lot of the reason I haven’t been listening to music that much (aside from the fact that I am obsessed with practically every progam on OPB!) is that my old computer’s disc drive was broken and I never really made mix CD’s. Well, now with my fabulous new computer, that’s all changed. In the process of building my itunes library up again, I remembered why I love the music I do. I also felt compelled to make a mixtape to share with the universe. HERE IT IS:

listen on dee internet


1. Bruce Haack, Electric to me Turn

2. DAT Politics, Turn my Brain off

3. Delta 5, You

4. Depeche Mode, What’s your Name?

5. Dolly Parton, Dumb Blonde

6. Dolly Mixture, Step Close Now

7. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Can you Picture That?

8. ESG, Moody (Spaced Out)

9. Fleetwood Mac, Not That Funny

10. Girls at Our Best, Fun-City Teenagers

11. Klaus Nomi, Ding Dong

12. Kleenex, Ain’t You

13. Mo-Dettes, White Mice

14. The Peeple, Hi Yo Camel!

15. The Raincoats, Life on the Line

16. Royal Trux, Another Year

17. The Slits, Ping Pong Affair

18. Tiny Tim, Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me

19. Van Dyke Parks, Steelband Music

20. White Noise, Here Come the Fleas


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